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Date: 02/12/2011

By: Didnt get me!

Subject: Karma

How do you sleep at night?
Karma is a bitch and she bites hard. Stand to lose everything you've stolen times 20.

Date: 27/10/2011

By: janesolar

Subject: package delivery

how will u deliver the package here in the philippines if ur only based in london@malaysia u dont have office here in the philippines..!!!!!!!

Date: 16/10/2011

By: siska

Subject: package louis baron

i also got the same story has to send money to release the goods with grand of money on it, not james johnson but louis baron from uk ....he sent email the picture of brown bag & a big no. of ponsterling. now when i read all the above message i knew that it is a fake......

Date: 16/10/2011

By: arvie ampuan

Subject: Re: package louis baron

yes dont ever believe on this company.because they are using only to get money from the others,because if you send money then if they will got they will make any story they will tell you that they will not recieve the amount same what they do to me.i call them but they are not answer to me,

Date: 16/12/2011

By: michelle

Subject: Re: package louis baron

ohh my god...why their is people like this a fucking shit! louis baron is not true..just he call me now that i need to pay the delivery charge,but i thank god because,i research first this company before sending money,,....they are liar...fuck your life!!!!!

Date: 13/10/2011

By: YouAreFullOfShit

Subject: F**king Scammer

Really?! Your little calls saying you have a package for me from James Johnson from the UK are a JOKE, a SCAM, and especially reflect the creator of the scam fully...simple, outdated, lazy, lame, liar, cheat, scumbag, ...I believe you get my point. I understand that you are stuck in Malaysia or maybe really in another backwater country, but one piece of advice...Karma's a bitch! If you cheat people out of money and lie about it, then it will come back on you ten-fold! Sleep well knowing that! Oh, and if I ever get a call from anything even close to the same number you called from...well, lets just say it won't turn out well for you from what I foresee.

Date: 16/10/2011

By: scammer company full of shit

Subject: Re: F**king Scammer

dont make any story.because everyone knows this fairway express is FAKE they are using only to cheating the people,but i believe that what you call's KARMA,,,i believe one day you will pay back for all what you is to short good luck everyone....and be carefull about the scammer people..and also for scam fucking package....

Date: 16/10/2011

By: arvie

Subject: Re: F**king Scammer

james johnson again from UK?that is fake and he is the one who told me also that he send package for me,and this fairway company they call me also that they said the package from james johnson with them in malaysia.james johnson he send to me by email the picture of what he send to me that was brown bag laptop.and not only for me even for leonora balderas,i faund out that same person.they are using only this company to colected money from ennocent people.but i believe they will pay back for all what they do...

Date: 06/10/2011

By: suyeti tarongki

Subject: Joke

i think this website is a big joke that i ever

Date: 06/10/2011

By: arvie

Subject: Re: Joke

this company they are using only to colected the money from ennocent people,and i am the one of them,i spend a lot of money because they tell me that i have package from james johnson from UK.then wen they get the money they are not answer to my call and my email,they are liar i want to tell to all the staff of this c0mpany stop using the simple people,if you want to make money you must to work and dont use they other,all the staff of this c0mpany go to hell..i dont think this c0mpany is good,

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